Thank You Lutron – A Great Customer Service Experience

Excellent Customer ServiceWhen I moved into my new home in September 2009 I undertook a number of lighting projects.  The dimmers are probably my favorite addition.  In fact, I wrote a blog post about my dimmer project in my New Home Project series of posts.

One of the coolest Maestro dimmers, in my humble opinion, is a combination light and fan dimmer for ceiling fans.  Lutron calls it a Dual Digital Fade Dimmer / Fan Control and according to the Lutron website

At the touch of a button, dimmer can go immediately to a favorite preset light level, fade-to-off, or adjust manually. Dual controls also consolidate light switches and save space. For fan controls, users can similarly cycle between favorite speeds or adjust manually.

I have nine of these light/fan dimmers in my house to go with my nine ceiling fans (oh yea, we love ceiling fans too – perfect for those NC summers).  Unfortunately, the one in my home office started to have problems last week.  It was really strange.  When I tried to turn on the light the light on the ceiling fan would flash.  It was like my home office was a disco dance floor…not the greatest thing to see bright and early in the morning.  It is kind of fun with the kids later on in the day, but definitely not what I want to see before my first cup of coffee.

Last weekend, I finally was able to call Lutron’s 24/7 technical support line.  Oh yes!  Lutron has a 24/7 tech support line staffed by highly trained technical support personnel.  The Lutron rep had me perform a default reset on the light/fan dimmer control but that did not resolve my problem.

Both of us feel that something went “screwy” (a technical term) with light/fan control module in the canopy.  This was the first time this ever happened to me and it was the first time the Lutron rep had heard of this problem.  Clearly, my issue is an anomaly.  It was at this point that my Lutron friend told me he was going to ship me out a replacement control the next day along with a pre-paid shipping label so that I could return my defective parts so they could determine what went wrong.  Simply awesome!

I wanted to write this blog post for two reasons.  First, I thought my issue with my dimmers was an odd situation and wanted to share it with you.  Second, I wanted to make a full-throated thank you to Lutron for their amazing past, current, and, no doubt future, customer support.  As a consumer it is so nice to deal with companies like Lutron.  Everyone at Pegasus Lighting knows this as well and it is why we work very hard to provide outstanding customer service to our customers.  It is also why we strive to work with, and sell products from, companies like Lutron who also know the real value of great customer service.

Thank you Lutron for providing fantastic customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Chris Johnson

I am the President & CEO of Pegasus Lighting. Beyond my day job, my professional interests include small business, technology, web design and development, operations, marketing, and social media. My personal interests include spending time with my two children and wonderful wife, reading presidential history and business books, and striving for my work | life balance.