The Pegasus Lighting Roundup for October 25 to November 10


In lighting news…

If you’re not yet familiar with the new law phasing out standard incandescent bulbs, this article provides the best overview I’ve seen.  It also discusses the latest buzz surrounding the issue.

The government is forecasting much higher energy bills this winter for those who heat with oil, propane, and natural gas.  In the northeast, the average bill is expected to increase by $259!

An emerging technology called virtual staging is allowing real estate companies to show “furnished” properties without investing money in costly items.  Get the scoop from

In lighting tips…

The blog Life of an Architect has posted a couple of extremely helpful articles lately.  If you’re ever in the market for a contractor, these are the must-reads on checking a contractor’s references and 30 questions to ask your contractor.

Cabinetry can start to look outdated pretty quickly.  Check out this article from Freshome on breathing life into old cabinetry.  (Hint, hint: see Number 7).

Looking for fun DIY ideas?  Check out this article on 25 Projects That Cost Less than $50.

One idea to tackle those higher energy bills – install a programmable thermostat.  See the How-To for tips on

Other cool sites…

Ever wondered what it would be like to renovate the house next-door to President Obama’s?  Probably not, but this New York Times feature on the subject is fascinating.

Emily Widle

Emily graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in journalism. She enjoys scouring the news to report on the latest in the lighting industry as well as bringing valuable remodeling tips and exemplar home projects to light.