How to Make Your Home Seller-Ready

1. De-personalize

You want buyers to be able to picture themselves in their home, and that’s not going to happen if your family photos are prominently displayed in the living room.  Remove any personal items or unusual decorations.  It’s impossible to predict a potential buyer’s taste, so try to make your home neutral, yet inviting.

2. Create open space

Buyers don’t need to see every single room in the house filled with furniture.  Rent a storage space and reevaluate what you’re showing.  It’s best to leave a few functional pieces in each room and leave the rest for potential buyers to imagine.  Remove bookshelves, unnecessary chairs/couches, extra leaves in your dining room table, and out-of-season clothing in your closet.  Your home will seem larger and will be more likely to attract buyers.

3. Sell them on the kitchen

If you kitchen’s outdated but you don’t have the funds to devote to a full remodel, consider making a few small changes.  Replacing your cabinet hardware is a relatively inexpensive project that can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen.  Adding under cabinet lighting is considered to be one of the most cost-effective remodeling projects – real estate experts say that under cabinet lighting increases the value of any home.  Apply a fresh, neutral coat of paint if needed.

4. Update lighting fixtures

If you have sconces, chandeliers, or ceiling lights that look like they are from 1985, it’s about time to invest in replacements.  This simple update can make your home seem years younger.

Also, assess your outdoor lighting situation and consider adding step lights, path lights, or spotlights.  According to professionals, outdoor lighting can add 20% to the perceived value of a home.  Landscape lighting designer Paul Gosselin recently said, “People forget that a lot of home shoppers do look at homes after dark, so lighting can make a huge, huge impact.”

Emily Widle

Emily graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in journalism. She enjoys scouring the news to report on the latest in the lighting industry as well as bringing valuable remodeling tips and exemplar home projects to light.

2 thoughts to “How to Make Your Home Seller-Ready”

  1. As a kitchen designer I wholeheartedly agree: a kitchen will sell a house more than any other room. I always recommend under cabinet task lighting. None of us are getting any younger, people. Task lighting is actually one of the few design attributes I won’t compromise on in my kitchens. You need to see what you’re doing, whether it’s slicing & dicing or divvying up ingredients!

  2. Thanks for weighing in, Becky! Under cabinet lighting can really transform a kitchen, but it’s not always the standard for new construction. Good to hear from a kitchen designer who appreciates the importance!

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