An Update on the L-Prize

Heard of the L-Prize?  It’s the Department of Energy’s initiative to push lighting manufacturers to create the most energy-efficient, high-performance, top-quality light bulb to replace the old standard 60W or halogen bulb.  Launched in 2008, the competition is no small stakes matter.

The winners will receive:

  • $5-10 million dollars in prize money
  • Partner incentives
  • Federal purchasing agreements
  • The honor of being recognized as extreme innovators (Okay, that’s a bit intangible, but still highly valuable!)

Last fall, Philips Electronics submitted their entry – and they’re still first in the running.  That entry, which was submitted for the 60W category, is in the process of being evaluated by the DOE.  This summer, product samples will be assessed at more than 30 sites in a wide range of applications.  If Philips passes the tests, they’ll win one of the legendary L Prizes (three will be awarded for each category).  There are currently two categories, 60W and PAR-38 halogen, with an expected third 21st Century Lamp category to be announced in the near future.

Philips will likely have to wait until early next year to hear their verdict – the DOE’s evaluation process is pretty rigorous.  Until then, the door is wide open for other manufacturers to compete!

To give you an idea of just how efficient these replacements will be, the 60W incandescent is required to consume less than 10 watts and have a life expectancy of 25,000 hours.

For more details on the L Prize, check out the DOE website or view the Competition Requirements.

Emily Widle

Emily graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in journalism. She enjoys scouring the news to report on the latest in the lighting industry as well as bringing valuable remodeling tips and exemplar home projects to light.