Low Voltage Indoor Lighting: Pendant Lights for Every Room

Low voltage mini pendant lightLow voltage lighting is not new. According to Popular Mechanics magazine, “Low voltage outdoor lighting got its start in the early 1950s when Bill Locklin, an electrical contractor in Redlands, Calif., was asked by a client to put up some outdoor lights.” It took a few decades for homeowners to catch on and take advantage of all the benefits that low voltage lighting has to offer. Nowadays, homeowners installing outdoor landscape lighting often choose low voltage lighting fixtures.

But what about low voltage indoor lighting? Almost 60 years after Bill Locklin’s innovation, low voltage indoor lighting has finally become mainstream. There are several reasons why low voltage lighting has become more popular. Better quality fixtures, long-lasting bulbs and easier installation methods are just a few of the reasons. Further, many Americans are more aware of the importance of energy conservation and the savings that result from using low voltage fixtures and energy-saving light bulbs. Low voltage lighting fixtures, and the bulbs that are used with them, provide a higher quality light. Low voltage lights have also become more versatile than in the past. There are many low voltage design options. Some popular fixture types include track lighting, under cabinet lighting and hanging pendants.

A low voltage lighting system usually operates on 12 or 24 volts and must be used along with a transformer. Read Tom Farin’s article, Low Voltage Lighting: 15 Things You Need to Know, to learn all about low-voltage lighting.

Pendant Lighting Options
One of the most versatile types of low voltage lighting fixtures is the pendant lighting fixture. Pendant lights and mini pendant lights can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, family rooms and basements. With the right bulb type, such as xenon or halogen, pendant lights can provide just the right amount of light for a room. Halogen bulbs can last for about 10,000 hours.

Below are some of my favorite low voltage pendant lights. I have chosen them for their fair prices, versatility and easy installation.

Clear Pendant Lights – These are great for use in a kitchen or bathroom. I chose these because they are each under $100 and will complement just about any room décor.
•    Clarity Clear Low Voltage Xenon Pendant Lights
•    Obo Low Voltage Halogen Pendant Lights
•    Tanner Pendant Lights

A Touch of Color – These glass pendants have a hint of color in them. The bit of color will accentuate the backsplash or vanity in your kitchen or bathroom. These are also a great option for a den, dining room or reading corner.
•    Eden Low Voltage Halogen Pendant Lights
•    Neptune Art Pendant Lights
•    Silk Pendant Lights

This post was written by Marcy Tate, a blogger at Networx.com and a featured author at Electricians Networks.  Thanks for the post Marcy!

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