Cavity Design Increases OLED Light Output

A couple of months ago we posted an article to the Pegasus Associates Lighting website that listed the 10 things to know about LED lighting. Number nine on our list of 10 things to know was OLED.

9. OLED An OLED is an organic light emitting diode.  It is an LED that also contains carbon.  OLEDs are generally manufactured as flexible lightweight sheets.  Today, OLEDs operate at significantly lower efficiency than inorganic (crystalline) LEDs.  OLEDs typically generate less light per area than inorganic, solid state LEDs, which are usually designed for use as point-light sources., LED Lighting: 10 Things to Know

Today I learned that scientists from the independent Stanford Research Institute (SRI) found an innovative design to increase light output and energy efficiency of OLEDs. The answer is cavities. The device that they produced is called, watch out for another acronym, COLED. Yes, the C stands for cavity.

The COLED-polymer combination display green light. (Photo: SRI International, Menlo Park, California)
The COLED-polymer combination display green light. (Photo: SRI International, Menlo Park, California)

The structure, designed by Dr. Yijian Shi, employs a regular pattern of cavities and generates up to five times more light output than a standard OLED depending upon the color being displayed. In addition, the COLED design could be very good for the environment. They are as much as two times more efficient than compact fluorescent light bulbs and, since OLEDs do not contain mercury, they do not pose a disposal problem.

To read more about COLED and this new cavity design read New cavity design boosts light output for OLED devices from

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