Night Lights Help to Reduce the Risk of Falling

LED Rotating Night LightA doctor from a leading panel of experts that are behind a new action plan to prevent falls in older adults recommends night lights to help reduce the risk of falling. Dr. Pamela Macfarlane, a professor in Northern Illinois University’s Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education, suggests investing in night lights to create a low intensity light near the bed or bathroom.

LED Night LightNight lights are usually small lighting devices that provide enough light to move around a room or hallway in the middle of the night while not giving off too much light to keep anyone awake.  While they are often used in bathrooms and bedrooms, night lights could also be used in hallways, kitchens, family rooms, or major entry points inside the home. In addition, it is not just older adults that can benefit from the use of night lights. Many children and their parents derive a sense of security from a night light.

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