Customer Lighting Project: Cool White LED Rope Lights

Rope lighting is perfect for lining the top of a cove ceiling , and you can use either warm white or cool white LED rope light to create the desired effect.  Rob Q. used our Cool White LED Rope Lights for the cove around the top of his living room.  Check out the “after” photos:

Cool White LED Rope Lights used as Cove Lighting
“Thanks for processing my order. I thought you might like to see how I used my previous order of LED rope lights. I built a cove light in my living room to conceal surround-sound speaker wires and placed the rope lights in the cove. They provide a beautiful, cool glow to our home and make the vaulted ceiling seem even higher. The indirect light is perfect for watching TV and one can even read by the light. I’m planning to add this new order above the kitchen cabinets and along the top of a beam which separates the living room and kitchen.”
Cool White LED Rope Lights used as Cove Lighting

Chris Johnson

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3 thoughts to “Customer Lighting Project: Cool White LED Rope Lights”

  1. Chris,

    I have just fitted a glass orangery roof to a sun room and am deliberating over using cove lighting to help hide the construction joint in the roof structure and to provide some background lighting to the room.

    I am concerned however as to how the light will look shining up on to glass panels? Have you any experience on this that you can share please?


  2. Keith,

    My best advice would be to test the light in the space before permanently installing it. It can be difficult to predict exactly how the light will interact with the glass panels and ultimately the lighting needs to suit your taste. I would anticipate it might actually enhance the cove lighting effect since the glass would reflect some of the light.

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