Under Cabinet Lighting From Start to Finish - A Guide

Under Cabinet Lighting, From Start to Finish

Under Cabinet Lighting From Start to Finish - A GuideLast week I shared an infographic that detailed four key considerations when choosing under cabinet lighting: light source, shape, installation type and power source. Today’s post takes it a step further with a deep dive into some of our most popular under cabinet lighting resources, rounded up in one convenient place.

Wherever you are in the process, whether you’ve narrowed down your options or you’re still in the research stage, here’s a roadmap to under cabinet lighting success, broken down into three phases: Choosing, Purchasing and Installing.

Phase One: Still Deciding

It happens to the best of us – analysis paralysis. You want to know what’s out there so you can decide what you want, but with so many lighting choices it’s hard to weed through them all. Here are some resources that can help you with the decision-making process:

Phase Two: Ready to Buy

Once you’ve decided which lights you want, this part of the process is a breeze (and also happens to be our favorite phase). First figure out how many lights you’ll need, then browse through our extensive selection of under cabinet light fixtures and enjoy free shipping and excellent customer service while you’re at it!

Phase Three: Time to Install

Depending on your level of comfort with DIY projects, phase three might be a little intimidating. No worries! Our extensive library of articles and videos walk you right through the entire process. Learn the do’s and don’ts of under cabinet lighting installations in a clear and easy-to-understand way in any format you prefer!

Don’t forget to bookmark this page to reference back to as you work through the three stages. Finally, be sure to snap some photos of that fabulous newly illuminated space and send them to us!


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A Guide to Choosing Under Cabinet Lighting (Infographic)

We’ve written tons of blog posts on all of the under cabinet lighting options that are available, but sometimes there’s nothing like a good ol’ infographic to pull it all together. If you’re considering adding some light to your counter space but don’t know where to start, we hope you’ll find this resource helpful.


Infographic, How to Choose Under Cabinet Lighting
Source: How to Choose Under Cabinet Lighting

Up Next…

Next week I’ll be detailing a roadmap to under cabinet lighting success, broken down into three phases: Choosing, Purchasing and Installing.


Ready to move on to the next stage and start your project? Pegasus Lighting offers an extensive selection of under cabinet lights in a variety of shapes, styles and light sources.

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Apartment Lighting Project: Battery Operated LED Under Cabinet Light

LED Battery Cabinet Light Fixture

Earlier in the week, I showed you how putting an antique light bulb in the pendant light above my sink/bar area helped create a warm mood which pleased my family. I also expressed lament for a thirty second lighting design creation which did not win the approval of my spouse. Now I am back with a compromise – an under cabinet LED light that provides much needed task lighting in our very warmly lit apartment kitchen. That’s right, folks. I had an itchin’ in my kitchen, and only a cool LED task light could soothe it. I can’t tell you how happy we are with this wireless LED under cabinet light. So see for yourself below! It’s awesome!


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Apartment Light Project: Using an LED Step Light as a Kids Night Light

LED Step Light

One of the most important things in my life as a new parent is making sure my son Leo is safe, happy, and healthy. Part of that is creating just the right kind of environment for him in his bedroom. Since we moved into our apartment six months ago, I have to admit that I’ve been a little slow to construct the wonderland that I’ve been imagining. In fact, even his night light situation, a central component of the safe and cozy little kid’s room, has been sub-par. Until now. Yesterday I installed an LED step light with louvers in his room so that he could have a neat LED night light on a switched circuit. How did I accomplish this remarkable feat of electric prowess? Like this.


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How to Choose between LED Strip Lights and LED Puck Lights

You want to add some life to your kitchen, but a full-on renovation can be expensive. Upgrading or adding under cabinet lighting is one cost-effective way of dramatically improving the feel of your space. Emily has a great blog post that gives an overview of under cabinet lighting. Today, I’ll be talking specifically about LED under cabinet lights.

You might be wondering, What kind of LED under cabinet lighting is best for my space? Popular types are LED strip lights and LED puck lights. Here are a few things you should know about each before making your decision.

Puck lights can be recessed, and this gives them a nice look even when they aren’t turned on. They’re great contributions to kitchens that strive for sophisticated style.

LED Puck Lights, Light Scallops, Wall Grazing
via strobeldesignbuild.com


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Download Your Free Under Cabinet Lighting Guide Today!

Ebook Cover under cabinet lightingWhat could make your experience with under cabinet lights better?

That’s the question the experts at Pegasus Lighting have been asking for years. We’ve written numerous blog posts on the subject, created video guides, and hand-picked every under cabinet fixture on our website – always with quality, affordability, and ease of operation in mind. And yet, we wanted to do more.

That’s when we decided to write an eBook. A complete resource to guide you through every step of an under cabinet lighting project…

Today, the lighting experts at Pegasus have achieved that goal. It’s called “The Complete Guide To Under Cabinet Lighting,” and you can download it for free, in the format of your choice, right here on our website.

The book includes sections on how to pick out, install, and operate under cabinet lighting. I, along with Chris Johnson, answer some of your most pressing questions, including –

  • Why do I need under cabinet lights?
  • What kind of lights will work best for my needs, my space, and my tastes?
  • How many lights do I need?
  • How do I install my lights?
  • What should I expect from my lights over time?
  • And more! (more…)

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Using Under Cabinet Lights In Your Outdoor Kitchen

Image via HGTV.com
Image via HGTV.com

Whether you’re building an outdoor kitchen for the first time, or updating yours for summer, under cabinet lights can be a valuable addition. Today’s blog post will explain what under cabinet lights can add to your outdoor kitchen, and how to find the right kind for you…

What Under Cabinet Lights Will Add To Your Space:

You need a light to rely on.

Most outdoor kitchens don’t have a constant source of ambient light. Unless your space is complete with a ceiling and some sort of overhead fixture, you can’t just rely on the sunlight. If you like the feeling of cooking in the open air, you’ll need some sort of task lighting, especially when preparing food after dark.

Despite all the variable conditions in the outdoor kitchen, adding lights to specifically illuminate your countertops will ensure you’ll always have adequate task lighting. The lights will come in handy when you grill meat or veggies, allowing you to check that they’re fully cooked before serving. Under cabinet lights help you see when mixing and pouring drinks, and fixing snacks as well. Having extra task lights will also help you see to thoroughly clean your outdoor kitchen, so leftover crumbs won’t attract unwanted pests.

Not to mention good task lighting adds a lovely ambiance to an outdoor space after dark. (more…)

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How To Install Plug-In Under Cabinet Lights In 7 Easy Steps

Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting
DIY-ers lend me your ears!

When choosing under cabinet lights, plug-in fixtures are a great option. They offer high quality light, but don’t require such an involved installation like hardwired lights.

If you’re looking to update your kitchen with some plug-in under cabinet lights, just follow these easy instructions to have them up and running in no time. These 7 easy steps are applicable to linear and puck under cabinet lights of any light source. (To learn more about which lights will work best in your kitchen, check out this article).

Tools you’ll need:

  • Drill with keyhole saw
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wirestrippers
  • Electrical tape and wirenuts, or direct connectors
  • Lamp cord
  • Pressure connectors


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How To Hardwire Under Cabinet Lights

Microfluorescent Under Cabinets and Over Sink
The most convenient way to operate under cabinet lights in the kitchen is to hardwire them to a wall switch. You can turn the lights on and off, and even dim them without having messy wires and plugs in your cooking space. However, when it comes to installation, hard-wiring your lights is probably the most involved process. If you’re searching for advice on how to hardwire under cabinet lights, read on for step-by-step instructions.

After you choose your lights, you’ll first need to prepare for installation:

1. Consult with an expert before you start. A professional electrical contractor in your geographical area will be able to advise you regarding any electrical details that you might have questions about, and  make certain that you’re satisfying all of the appropriate electrical codes.

2. Plan for the wiring. Where do you want your light switch to be? Close to the cabinets? Alongside the rest of your kitchen lighting controls? Determining this will help you know how much wiring you need. The electrical wiring runs within the wall and loops from one fixture to the next.

3. Position your under cabinet lights. For even lighting, we suggest you use linear lights along the length of your cabinets, or puck lights every 6-10 inches. For the best task lighting along your counters, we also recommend you place the lights close to the front of the cabinet. Finally, make sure your corner cabinet lighting is balanced to cover the area evenly, not causing shadows.

4. Gather the tools and mounting hardware. Most under cabinet fixtures come with a pack of appropriate hardware to use for installation. This includes screws that won’t penetrate the bottom shelves of your cabinets. Cable bushing and wire connectors of the right size are necessary for proper installation. You’ll also need the following tools: (more…)

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Choosing Energy-Saving Under Cabinet Lights


Kitchen renovation in the works? When updating your kitchen with energy-efficiency in mind, be sure to look to the lights. Efficient under cabinet or under counter lights are extremely effective at cutting down your energy use, without sacrificing style or quality.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite under cabinet lights, what makes them energy-efficient, and what makes them great for the kitchen:


1. LED Thin Under Cabinet Task Lights

LED Under Cabinet

These classic ENERGY STAR qualified LED lights can produce nearly 36 lumens of light for every watt of energy they use, depending on the length of the fixture. They also have a rated-life of up to 50,000 hours, so you know they’re reliable. These lights will fit in with the decor of almost any kitchen, producing bright white light, and available in 2 different finishes. See them here. (more…)

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