Nov 032011

It’s a staple in hotel, art gallery, and museum lighting design, and for good reason. Wall washing recessed lighting makes a statement, calling attention to architectural details, sculptures, fireplaces, wall hangings, and more. It’s an easy way to create a dramatic effect in virtually any room.

Tip: Wall washing also makes a room feel larger. Since you’re emphasizing the vertical surfaces, it tends to create a visual expansion effect! Continue reading »

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Oct 262011

Shower Lighting When I say “bathroom lighting,” what image pops up in your head?

If it’s a beautiful vanity area accented with stylish wall sconces, or an illuminated mirror above the sink, you’re like most people. The vanity is important to light properly. It can be incredibly annoying to have inadequate light for makeup or shaving, so it’s typically what people (including us!) think of first.

This post is about the part of the bathroom that is frequently forgotten in terms of lighting: the shower. For some reason, recessed shower lights get left off the lighting plan often. The result is a shadowy, unwelcoming space – hardly the place you’d want to spend your first few groggy moments of the morning.

Whether you’re adding shower lights to your finished bathroom (an easy project with special remodel recessed housings), or choosing the shower trim you’d like to use in a new bathroom, this post should help you decide which product is right for you.

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Aug 222011

Take a quick mental inventory of the recessed lighting that’s currently in your home or business.

Is it efficient? Is it helping you save money on your power bill, or on your bottom line? Is the light quality impressive? Are the light bulbs incredibly long-lasting?

If you answered “no” to any of those questions, this article is for you. There’s a good reason why “retrofit” is the hottest buzz word in energy efficient right now, and why individuals and businesses across the world are revamping their recessed lighting systems to save millions of dollars by switching to LEDs.

1. You can kiss the hassle (and cost) of replacing light bulbs goodbye.

Average lifetimes range between 35,000 and 50,000 hours for LED recessed lighting retrofits. That means these lights are going to last anywhere from twelve to seventeen years, even if they are left on for eight hours every day. Imagine: If you install an LED recessed light in your newborn’s nursery, you won’t be replacing the light until that baby is leaving for college. Continue reading »

Aug 182011

If you’ve decided to retrofit your recessed lighting with LEDs but are unsure which product is right for you, this step-by-step guide should help you determine which LED retrofit modules to order.

1. What size do you need? If you are replacing existing recessed lights, you need to purchase an LED retrofit module that matches those dimensions. If you’re unsure, just measure the diameter of your existing recessed downlights (not including the trim). Your LED retrofit module will be either four, five, or six inches in diameter.

2. Where is the installation location? If you are installing in a bathroom or any other area where moisture might accumulate, make sure to select an LED retrofit module that is “wet location approved.” Continue reading »

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Aug 162011

The term “lighting retrofit” may sound daunting, but for contractors and builders familiar with the technology, it’s just another project that makes saving energy possible (and very easy).

In fact, a relatively new product to the lighting marketplace is allowing homeowners to retrofit their own recessed lights with LEDs.

It’s called an LED retrofit module for recessed lighting, and it’s truly revolutionary. Homeowners with existing recessed lights can simply unscrew the light bulbs currently installed in their recessed fixtures, remove their trims, and screw the LED retrofit modules right into the existing sockets.

The LED retrofit modules come complete with a trim and a heat sink to maintain a cool operating temperature.

The opportunity to save energy is not the only benefit. The LEDs deliver incredible light output, high color rendering, full dimmability, and long lifetimes of up to 17 years. The products are even available in a variety of color temperatures – warm white, cool white, or neutral white.

See this new product line on our website!

Apr 132011

Adding recessed lights to your home?  If there’s already an existing power source in the ceiling and an electrical switch in the wall, the installation is fairly easy.  You can save a lot of money by tackling the project yourself rather than hiring a professional.

If you have access to the ceiling from above (i.e., from the attic), the project is even easier.  However, we offer a wide selection of remodel recessed lighting housings so that you can install from below as well.

Follow these steps to install recessed lights if you have an existing power source in the ceiling: Continue reading »

Sep 282010

We received a question on Twitter recently about how to layout recessed lighting and I realized we don’t have any blog posts on that topic!

If you’re using recessed lights (aka cans, high hats, pot lights, or downlights) to provide the general lighting in a room, follow these tips to create the ideal level of brightness:

1. Ready your sketchbook.

Use a blueprint of the room to pencil in exactly where you want the recessed lights to go.  Before you start, take measurements of any furniture in the room and create paper shapes that are correctly scaled for the blueprint.   This way, you’ll be able to see where the light will fall. Continue reading »

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Jul 242009

LED Rotating Night LightA doctor from a leading panel of experts that are behind a new action plan to prevent falls in older adults recommends night lights to help reduce the risk of falling. Dr. Pamela Macfarlane, a professor in Northern Illinois University’s Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education, suggests investing in night lights to create a low intensity light near the bed or bathroom.
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Jul 012009

One of the best ways to emphasize the detail or color in wall art is to install a recessed light in the ceiling to shine on the picture.  That’s exactly what this customer did!  Shown below are two 4-Inch Low Voltage Trims with Adjustable Elbow and 4in low voltage housings used as “picture lights”.

4-Inch Low Voltage Trims with Adjustable Elbow
Jul 012009

We have a wide variety of LED and halogen recessed lighting fixtures and accessories. You can choose trims and housings from a variety of materials, shapes, sizes, lamp wattages, and light sources.

Shown here are two 3-Inch Low Voltage Recessed Lighting Trims with 3-Inch Low Voltage Recessed Lighting Housings using MR16 12-volt halogen light bulbs installed over each hotel bed.

3-Inch Low Voltage Glass Trims with Reflector

Photos provided by Holiday Inn Express in Mountain View, CA

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