A Year In Review: Your 10 Favorite Posts From 2012

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On this, the last full week of 2012, I’ve been taking stock of the happenings here on Light Reading. We’ve had many wonderful posts this year on the newsworthy, practical, whimsical, technical, and technological qualities of light. We’ve learned about energy-efficiency, home decor, nature, science, and even fashion design.

Now, let’s take a look back at our 10 most popular blog posts from 2012.

10. Use Bookshelf Lights To Help Tell Your Story: We use bookshelves to store and showcase some of our most special possessions. But, when improperly lit, bookshelves can drown these things in shadow. Learn the options to light your bookcases, depending on the kind of shelf, and how it’s decorated. Read More >>

9. How To Choose A Low Voltage Transformer In 4 Easy Steps: While this topic might be one of the driest we’ve written on all year, it’s a crucial one for anybody diving into a new remodel. Learn about the different varieties of low voltage transformers, and how to pick the one that’s right for you. Read More >>

8. Real DIY Lighting Projects: Adding A Basement Kitchen: Chad, a serious DIY-er and Pegasus Customer sent us photos of the kitchen he added in his basement. He made the whole thing from scratch with his wife, and only a bit of professional help on the countertops and drywall work. Chad used our Xenon Line Voltage Under Cabinet Task Lights to illuminate his countertops. Read More >>

7. Winning The Battle On Christmas Lights: Artificial Trees: Holiday expert Linda Knighton weighs in with some simple tips on how to wrangle those holiday lights and make your tree look beautiful. And let’s face it, we could all use a little more peace on earth during the holidays. Read More >> Read More

Top 10 Lighting Pins of 2012

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Here at Pegasus, we love using Pinterest to discover and share things we love.  But we also love using Pinterest to see the the sorts of things you find inspiring, intriguing, or just plain fabulous. We pinned, you repinned. So, without further ado, here are our top 10 most popular pins from 2012…

10. Breathtaking Bathroom

I believe I must have *longingly* pinned this on some tired, too early Monday morning, but I see now you all were yearning for some weekend serenity too. The lighting itself is pretty top-notch – I mean, accent lights in the bathroom? Shazam! But when you pair that with a huge bathtub and a shower that looks like THAT…well, enough said.

Image via BedandBreakfast.com
Image via BedandBreakfast.com

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A Window To The Pegasus Warehouse

Thanks to our dazzling warehouse staff, we’ve got one of the most immaculate warehouses around! So, I thought it might be neat to give you, loyal lighting enthusiasts, a cute little photo tour of the place.

We travel now to Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania – where lighting greatness happens every day (during normal business hours, that is)…

First, here’s the cheery curbside view – and what a lovely day! Aren’t you just quivering in anticipation to see what’s inside?

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Help Turn Ordinary Furniture Into Garden Environments: “Eight Extraordinary Greens”

Jenna Spevack is an artist, designer, and environmental advocate in NYC. She recently designed a simple system for growing microgreens (i.e., arugula, mizuna, mustard, kale, etc.) in urban environments. Check out her video on Kickstarter below!

Jenna will have an exhibition on display at the Mixed Greens gallery in New York beginning May 3, displaying ordinary furniture objects that have been adapted into “microfarms.” Jenna’ s goal is to increase accessibility to healthy food – and to remove the cost barrier. The exhibition will demonstrate how anyone (even in the tiniest of spaces) can grow healthy, affordable food.

However, to fund her project, Jenna still needs a little over $1500. We donated microfluorescent T4 light fixtures as grow lights for her exhibition. Would you consider helping back her project? If you pledge at least $15, you will receive fresh microgreens – and if you pledge at least $100, you will receive a small sub-irrigated growing system!

Here is the link to more information on the project and how to contribute.

We’d Like To Reward You For That Lighting Project. Really.

In the lighting business, it is so much fun to hear back from repeat customers.

Yes, lighting is just one part of the design process, but it’s fascinating to hear where our light fixtures end up. There’s always a wide array of applications for one light fixture.

For example, we’ve seen our xenon light strip used for cove lighting in a living room, under cabinet lighting in a kitchen, display lighting in a showcase, indirect lighting in a wine rack, and more!

The new, exciting news at Pegasus Lighting is that we’ve come up with a way to give all of you repeat customers some sweet rewards. It’s called the Pegasus Lighting Rewards Program, and here’s how it works:

  • You sign up for a (free) customer account, if you haven’t already.
  • You earn points for each and every purchase or product review.
  • You redeem those points for instant savings and great gifts.

What kind of gifts, you might ask? Well, iPod Shuffles, Kindles, and Nooks are all on the list for redemption. You can also earn Pegasus cash off your next lighting purchase.

If you already have a customer account set up with us, you are automatically enrolled. Otherwise, what are you waiting for? Start today!

Top Light Reading News of 2011

Ah, the end of the year. Time for reflection, resolutions, and recaps. 2011 was a busy year for lighting  news…

EISA 2007 took center stage this year, as the phaseout of traditional incandescent light bulbs approached and the political scene got heated. We published a week-long series explaining the legislation and how it will affect you:

However, that series was not the last you heard about the legislation. The BULB Act attempted (and failed) to repeal the portion of EISA 2007 that referred to incandescent lighting. Texas challenged the federal mandate with a bill declaring incandescent light bulbs produced and sold in Texas were exempt. The Department of Energy created an ad campaign to jump start support for efficient light bulbs.  And most recently, Congress passed a bill that denied funding to implement the efficiency standards, which will start January 1, 2012. Read More