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Ebook Cover under cabinet lightingWhat could make your experience with under cabinet lights better?

That’s the question the experts at Pegasus Lighting have been asking for years. We’ve written numerous blog posts on the subject, created video guides, and hand-picked every under cabinet fixture on our website – always with quality, affordability, and ease of operation in mind. And yet, we wanted to do more.

That’s when we decided to write an eBook. A complete resource to guide you through every step of an under cabinet lighting project…

Today, the lighting experts at Pegasus have achieved that goal. It’s called “The Complete Guide To Under Cabinet Lighting,” and you can download it for free, in the format of your choice, right here on our website.

The book includes sections on how to pick out, install, and operate under cabinet lighting. I, along with Chris Johnson, answer some of your most pressing questions, including –

  • Why do I need under cabinet lights?
  • What kind of lights will work best for my needs, my space, and my tastes?
  • How many lights do I need?
  • How do I install my lights?
  • What should I expect from my lights over time?
  • And more! (more…)

Pegasus Lighting’s 8 Favorite Eco-Friendly Blogs

Happy Earth Day from everyone here at Pegasus Lighting!

If you’re a regular here on the blog, or if you’ve browsed around on our website, you know we’re big fans of energy-efficient, “green” lighting. We strive to stay up-to-date on the latest eco-friendly news and innovations, and to always provide you, dear readers, with quality green lighting products and helpful energy-saving tips.

But we can’t do it alone! We follow a group of expert bloggers and industry leaders to help us in our quest to make sustainability accessible for all.

So today, I’d like to send a special shout-out to 8 of my favorite green and eco-friendly blogs and websites:

  • Fresh Energy: Fresh Energy is a non-profit organization that’s been around for over 20 years – so you know they know what they’re talking about. Their main goal is to promote smart energy policy concentrating on areas like clean energy, energy-efficiency, climate change, and eco-friendly transportation and building.
  • Green Upgrader: Green Upgrader is one of our favorite green lifestyle blogs, eager to show all readers that even small eco-friendly changes can make a big impact! We love them for their constant eye on sustainability news, and mass of green how-tos, but they also offer neat things like ideas for sustainable cooking and eco-friendly entertainment options (think low-impact board games and the like).
  • EarthTechling: EarthTechling, run by a group of technologist-meets-environmentalists, is committed to reporting on technological advancements that could change the world for the better. They cover everything from simple how-to guides about saving energy around the house to breaking news regarding new gadgets, appliances, and technological upgrades.
  • Clean Edison: Clean Edison is a company that provides educational material about clean technology and sustainable building. Their website is a goldmine of information on solar energy, energy-efficiency, and green manufacturing, just to name a few. They also have a fabulous, practical blog offering eco-friendly advice to regular people. Check it out for posts like “30 Actionable Steps Towards Energy-Efficiency.”


Do You Subscribe To Light Reading With Google Reader?

If the news that Google Reader’s days are numbered has totally rocked your world, don’t stress! You can still keep up with all the good stuff happening here on Light Reading.

Here’s a bright idea: You can easily subscribe to our blog via email. Just type your email address in the box to the right and click subscribe! It’s just that simple.

I promise you we’ll never sell, rent, or lend your email address to anyone, ever. You’ll just get a tidy little notification when we post something new to the blog (about 4 times a week). Never again will you risk losing touch with us (unless you choose to).

If you’re not sold on the idea of getting our sweet nothings directly sent to your inbox, or if you’d rather find a Google Reader alternative to keep up with all the blogs you read, I’ve done some research for you…

You can use Google Takeout to get a copy of all your Reader data, and migrate it to a new service.

To find your next RSS reader, check out this article from Marketing Land: 12 Google Reader Alternatives.

Thanks to all you wonderful individuals for your continued support and interest in Light Reading!

And if you don’t already subscribe to Light Reading, why not start now?

ReadyBright Lights Featured On The NBC TODAY Show

Yesterday, Rosemary Ellis of Good Housekeeping was on the TODAY Show to reveal 9 of 2013’s most innovative consumer products. And guess what! One of our very own products made the cut!

Out of more than 1,500 different products, Good Housekeeping chose the Mr. Beams ReadyBright Power Outage Lighting System as one of their favorite products.

The ReadyBright System is the very first at home emergency lighting system available. It’s not unlike the emergency lighting systems in commercial buildings – when the power goes out, the lights come on. Good Housekeeping testers used these lights when they lost power back during Hurricane Sandy, and called them “tremendously helpful.”

“We think everybody should have one of these,” said Ellis.

Check out the full video here:


A Year In Review: Your 10 Favorite Posts From 2012

Thumbs Up!
On this, the last full week of 2012, I’ve been taking stock of the happenings here on Light Reading. We’ve had many wonderful posts this year on the newsworthy, practical, whimsical, technical, and technological qualities of light. We’ve learned about energy-efficiency, home decor, nature, science, and even fashion design.

Now, let’s take a look back at our 10 most popular blog posts from 2012.

10. Use Bookshelf Lights To Help Tell Your Story: We use bookshelves to store and showcase some of our most special possessions. But, when improperly lit, bookshelves can drown these things in shadow. Learn the options to light your bookcases, depending on the kind of shelf, and how it’s decorated. Read More >>

9. How To Choose A Low Voltage Transformer In 4 Easy Steps: While this topic might be one of the driest we’ve written on all year, it’s a crucial one for anybody diving into a new remodel. Learn about the different varieties of low voltage transformers, and how to pick the one that’s right for you. Read More >>

8. Real DIY Lighting Projects: Adding A Basement Kitchen: Chad, a serious DIY-er and Pegasus Customer sent us photos of the kitchen he added in his basement. He made the whole thing from scratch with his wife, and only a bit of professional help on the countertops and drywall work. Chad used our Xenon Line Voltage Under Cabinet Task Lights to illuminate his countertops. Read More >>

7. Winning The Battle On Christmas Lights: Artificial Trees: Holiday expert Linda Knighton weighs in with some simple tips on how to wrangle those holiday lights and make your tree look beautiful. And let’s face it, we could all use a little more peace on earth during the holidays. Read More >> (more…)

Top 10 Lighting Pins of 2012

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Here at Pegasus, we love using Pinterest to discover and share things we love.  But we also love using Pinterest to see the the sorts of things you find inspiring, intriguing, or just plain fabulous. We pinned, you repinned. So, without further ado, here are our top 10 most popular pins from 2012…

10. Breathtaking Bathroom

I believe I must have *longingly* pinned this on some tired, too early Monday morning, but I see now you all were yearning for some weekend serenity too. The lighting itself is pretty top-notch – I mean, accent lights in the bathroom? Shazam! But when you pair that with a huge bathtub and a shower that looks like THAT…well, enough said.

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