5 Lighting Trends That Will Never Go Out of Style

1. Under Cabinet Lighting:

Often cited as a top remodeling project in terms of high return on investment, installing under cabinet lights is always a great decision.  It provides task lighting to make cooking and cleaning easier and accent lighting to highlight a beautiful backsplash or countertop.  At night, the glow from an under cabinet light is particularly alluring.  Check out our post on How to Choose Under Cabinet Lighting.

2. Energy Efficient Lighting:

Everyone loves lowering their monthly energy bill.  Whether you’re switching out those old incandescent bulbs for CFLs, trying super-efficient LED cabinet lighting, or using fluorescent light fixtures for a closet or display case, energy efficiency is the way to go.  Besides, today’s incandescent bulbs will no longer be available for sale in the US by 2014 due to the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.  Go green! (more…)

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A Light Show For the Ages

The famous Prague Astronomical Clock recently celebrated its 600th birthday by putting on quite possibly the coolest light show in history.  We found the video on Gizmodo and had to share it here.  Apparently, it took four months to create the show.

The clock is known as Prague Orloj and is mounted on the wall of the city hall in Old Town Square.  It dates back to the early 1400s and has over 20 functions, displaying things like the lunar phase, time of sunrise/sunset, and zodiac phase.

This is a can’t-miss video: (more…)

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Tomorrow Night: Bring to Light NYC

Every year, cities across the world participate in an arts festival called Nuit Blanche.  For one night, museums, galleries, and city halls are open and free to the public.  Entire blocks are turned into performance spaces and artwork displays cover the streets.

This year, New York is hosting its first-ever Nuit Blanche event.  New York has named their Nuit Blanche event “Bring to Light,” and the event will especially celebrate “the magic and luminance of light.”


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One Incredible Lighting Design

Winners of the 2010 Light & Architecture Design Awards were officially announced in the most recent issue of Architectural Lighting.

There were a number of amazing designs, but I wanted to share my favorite: the W Hotel Ft. Lauderdale, which received Outstanding Achievement, Whole Building. Lighting designers from Washington, D.C.-based MCLA collaborated with Adache Group Architects on the project.

“Flying” candle fixtures above the fountain accentuate the low ambient light levels at the entrance of the hotel.

Flexible LED fixtures are mounted on the ceiling and walls of a pool table lounge. Through the perforated corten panels, light shines through.

Through the stair enclosure in the center of the pool, guests can walk back down into the lobby. This is the only feature illuminated at night, ensuring protection of the sea turtles.

The Whiskey Blue bar at the hotel features brass tubes suspended from the ceiling with blue LEDs.

According to Scott Guenther, senior designer at MCLA, “The lighting design was intended to enhance the relaxing beach environment and provide guests with a few unique, playful moments – both indoors and out.”

What do you think – did they succeed?

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A 9/11 Tribute in Light

Last weekend, the night sky was illuminated in New York by two twin beams of light shining upward from Lower Manhattan.

The 9/11 “Tribute in Light” memorial is in its ninth year.  The rays, which are made up of more than 40 xenon light bulbs, are the strongest shafts of light ever projected from Earth into the night sky.  Each year, they evoke the shape of the Twin Towers beginning at dusk on September 11 and fading with the dawn on September 12.  Each year, they honor the victims of the terrorist attacks of 2001 and illuminate the sky as a silent, symbolic tribute.

The Municipal Art Society sponsors the display each year.  For more information, see the New York Times article.

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Lighting Artwork: A How-To Guide

It’s impossible to show off the full effect of a piece of artwork without proper lighting. If a framed painting or photograph is ensconced in shadows, it will appear dull and flat. Why buy an expensive piece of artwork without displaying it in the best light?

Whether you’re a designer, contractor, or homeowner, adding picture lights to emphasize the details and color in wall art will enhance the ambiance of any room.

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Award-Winning Lighting Designs

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Illumination Awards are in for 2010, and the lighting designs are truly magnificent.  Here is a selection of photos from the winning lighting designs (feel free to comment below on which is your favorite!):

Lightcatcher Museum: The Paul Waterbury Award for Outdoor Lighting Design

Izunome Tokyo: The Edwin F. Guth Memorial Award for Interior Lighting Design

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Product Design from IDEA 2010: “Write? Light!”

The Industrial Designers Society of America recently published winners of the 2010 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA).  One of the student submissions caught my eye:

The design, called “Write?  Light!” is a portable bedside lamp, and it’s for those  tossers and turners who suddenly remember an important to-do, or who come up with a brilliant idea for a new project in the middle of the night.

The lamp turns on when you pick up the pencil so you can quickly jot down a note, and it turns off again when you replace the pencil.  It strikes me as such an intuitive product design – what do you think?

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Lighting, Atmosphere, and a Little Bit of San Francisco

Cafe Zoetrope, lighting from street level

Ever since I started blogging for Pegasus Lighting, I’ve been paying attention to the lighting wherever I go: restaurants, museums, hotels, friends’ houses, you name it.  If you try this experiment for a couple of days, it won’t take long for you to realize that lighting design completely makes or breaks an atmosphere.

I was recently in San Francisco and admiring the lighting at one of the many amazing restaurants I went to, Café Zoetrope.  The café is in the lobby of the historic Sentinel building, owned by Francis Ford Coppola.  First of all, the exterior is absolutely gorgeous.  The copper-green building is at the corner of the street in the North Beach region.  By day, its architecture certainly stands out.  But by night…


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