Dec 102012

Gift Guide1 Holiday Gifts For Your Favorite Workaholic
This post is the 6th in a series on holiday gifts for your loved ones. This year, we’ve broken it down for you based on hobbies, occupations, and personalities. So far we’ve covered gifts for techies, bookworms, adventurers, chefs, and handypeople…  

Life, work, and even family can be exhausting. So exhausting that when you’ve finally made it home, all you want to do is kick back and veg out. If you know someone who works hard all day – whether at an office or in a kitchen, climbing mountains or keeping shop, you can give them the gift of relaxation this holiday, with light!

Check out these neat gift ideas that will work hard for you:

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Dec 042012

Gift Guide Holiday Gifts For Your Favorite Techie
Today, we’re continuing our series on helping you find those perfect holiday gifts. So far, we’ve offered unique ideas for those who love to read, cook, fix things, and adventure through the great outdoors. Now, let’s move on to those technology-loving techies…

Techies. We all know the type. They’re the ones always up on the latest gadgets. They love spending time just tinkering with machinery, making things work.

And, they’re the ones who we call on to help fix what’s broken – slow computers, malfunctioning toys, anything mechanized or electronic. So naturally, we want to return their kindness for the holiday.

Here are a few of our most innovative, fun, and helpful high-tech gift ideas:

LED Light Bulb Holiday Gifts For Your Favorite TechieThe Techie’s Essential Light

It’s a glorious era in the lighting world for die-hard techies. LEDs, the most up-and-coming lights, are an electronic power source capable of so much more than older filament and fluorescent lights.

If your favorite gadget lover hasn’t jumped on the LED train yet, gifting them a few LED light bulbs to use around the house will satisfy their thirst for electronics, and even save them some dough on future energy bills. Shop, and learn more about LEDs right here!

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Nov 282012

Gift Guide3 Holiday Gifts For Your Favorite Bookworm

This is the fourth post in a series on finding perfect holiday presents for your loved ones. We’ve already covered gifts for chefs, adventurers, and handypeople, so now let’s move on to those clever book lovers…

Whether they prefer Aristotle or Dr. Seuss, we all know a bookworm or two. Some are students, some are teachers, and some are simply literary enthusiasts, but they all enjoy sitting down with a good book any chance they get.

If you’re looking to give them something they’ll really enjoy this year, and you’ve exhausted the idea of giving, well, books, then why not help improve their reading experience with light?

Check out these awesome reading light ideas:

For Readers On The Go

On long plane rides, evening commutes, or even for retreating under the blankets, some readers need a light to take along. Our bright, hands-free flexible utility light makes a great gift for bookworms on the go, because its flexible arm can conveniently wrap around the cover of a book or e-reader, or even around your neck! It can also be hung, attached, and propped almost anywhere, for your book lover to enjoy his books everywhere.

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Nov 192012

Gift Guide2 Holiday Gifts For Your Favorite Adventurer
This is the third post in a series on picking perfect holiday gifts for those you care about. Click here for gift ideas for people who love to cook, and here for those handy dandy handypeople.

Have a brother, sister, friend, or coworker who’s always off in the great outdoors? If they’re not biking or hiking or jogging or swimming, they’re driving somewhere in search of a new adventure. They’re always on the move.

If that’s true for anyone you know, it can feel next to impossible to find a gift that they’ll actually use, especially when they make a lifestyle out of only needing the bare minimum.

Luckily, we have several products that are simple yet essential to the all-out, mile-a-minute, scale-cliffs-for-kicks way of life. Your voyager will welcome these additions to his or her bag of tricks.

For Biking  

When your favorite traveler is furiously biking on dark streets and roads, visibility is essential. Bicycle spoke lights allow for maximum visibility, lighting up the wheels in a variety of different colors. They’re light, streamlined, and easy to install, and they come in round and oval shapes. At $6.90 for a pack of 2, they also make great stocking stuffers.

Bike Spoke Lights Holiday Gifts For Your Favorite Adventurer

Nov 092012

Gift Guide1 Holiday Gifts For Your Favorite Chef
This is the second post in a series on finding the perfect holiday gifts for everyone you love this season. You can read the first post on lighting gifts for your favorite wrench wielding, solder-for-fun handyperson right here.

If you know someone who loves to cook, whether she got her skills from culinary school or the Food Network, whether he lives with you or just nearby, you get to reap the benefits year-round. So, you’re probably looking for a way to thank them this season. Maybe you’ve exhausted gifts like fancy knives and aprons. Perhaps you’re at a loss.

Why not gift them with light this season? There are tons of different easy to install (and easy to love) lighting options that will augment and expedite the cooking process, while enhancing the atmosphere.

Here are a few ideas: Continue reading »

Nov 052012

Gift Guide Holiday Gifts For Your Favorite Handyperson
It’s November, everyone! That means many of us have started to wonder what in the world to give our favorite people for the holidays. Here’s an idea: give light! Not only is light jolly for this time of year, it also enhances the things you love to do. This is the first in a 7-part series on holiday gifts. 

Odds are most of us know a handyperson. You know, that gem of a somebody who can fix almost anything in record time, whether it’s a leaky faucet, a broken headlight, or a rocking chair. Your handyperson might actually enjoy repairing his or her own car, and probably relishes trips to the hardware store. Whatever your handyperson’s forte, I guarantee some handy lights would really help them do what they love.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Flashlights: One of the most convenient utilitarian lights around, we carry high-quality classics, and models with all kinds of bells and whistles. Continue reading »

Oct 262012

Kozzi top view of halloween bucket filled with candies 294x441 200x300 Lighting Your Way to a Safe Halloween
If you’re planning to bring your kids trick-or-treating after sundown on All Hallows’ Eve, you’re probably going to take every measure to make it a fun, safe evening. Even though they might be dressed for it, no way do you want your kids to blend into the night like Batman, or slip away unnoticed like Houdini.

Bringing enough light with you on your spooky escapades is probably the smartest safety measure you can take this Halloween. A few portable lights will make sure you and yours can see and will be seen on the night in question. You’ve got a ton of different choices here, ranging from basic flashlights to lights you can integrate into your costume. Let’s explore a few:

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Jun 282012

Stock Photo Bathroom Lighting How To Choose Light Bulbs For Your Home: Bathroom Light Bars

You depend on it to prevent shaving nicks and makeup mishaps. It wakes you up in the morning; it’s one of the last lights you turn off before bed. Bathroom lighting is crucial to your home. How much thought do you give to your bathroom light bulbs?

We’ve written a couple of posts on bathroom lighting: this one explains a few design tips to enhance the space, and this one advises you not to use recessed downlights over the mirror to avoid the Dracula effect. For those of you who are looking for light bulbs to your bathroom light bar appropriately:

  • The best bathroom lighting emulates sunlight. Heard of G.E. Reveal light bulbs? They have a special coating of an element called neodymium – you’ll see that the light bulbs have a bluish tint when turned off. That neodymium coating helps create something very close to natural, outdoor light.
  • Keep an eye on Color Rendering Index (CRI) – it’s a measure of how accurately your light bulb renders colors. In the bathroom, you want a high CRI. It’s measured on a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being sunlight. Anything 85 or above is considered to be very good.
  • Many people don’t think about dimmability in the bathroom, but it’s a very useful feature. Ever felt like you’re blinded by the light first thing in the morning, or wished it didn’t have to be so harsh for late-night trips to the bathroom? If you install a dimmer, you can create those low-light conditions without sacrificing the bright light levels you need the rest of the day.

So, there you have it: For bathroom light bars, look for dimmable, neodymium-coated light bulbs with a high CRI.

Jun 272012

blogpost fan How To Choose Light Bulbs For Your Home: Ceiling Fans

Lighted ceiling fans are making their debut today in our “How To Choose Light Bulbs For Your Home” series. (Catch up on our tips for table/floor lamps here, and here for recessed light fixtures).

Ceiling fans with light fixtures are installed for a lot of different reasons. Before you choose light bulbs to go in yours, you need to think about what purpose it serves.

Is it the sole source of light in the entire room? First and foremost, we would recommend remedying that by adding a lamp or two, or perhaps a few recessed lights. Lighting serves multiple purposes in a room, and it’s pretty impossible for one light fixture to do it all.

If that’s not possible, or you’re just not willing to devote more money to your lighting budget at this time, then you’ll need to make sure you can get as much illumination as possible out of the ceiling fan. Take a close look at lumen output of the light bulbs you’re considering – anything less than 800 lumens (the equivalent of a standard 60-watt incandescent light bulb) won’t do it. For more information about lumen output, see here. Continue reading »

Jun 262012

blogpost recessedlights1 How To Choose Light Bulbs For Your Home: Recessed Cans

This is the second post in a series dedicated to helping you create a home with beautiful lighting by choosing the best light bulbs. Yesterday, we tackled light bulbs for table and floor lamps. Recessed lights are a little more complicated, but once you’ve got the basics down, it’s smooth sailing!

The first thing you’ll need to do is determine which light bulb size your recessed light fixture takes. Here’s what you’ll see among recessed lighting options: BR30, MR11, MR16, PAR16, PAR20, PAR30, PAR38, R20, R30, R40.

Wow. Let’s break that down a little: Continue reading »

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