Oct 282013

The lighting industry has been busy as ever this month, from the slow-climbing successes of LED adoption to the discovery of new galaxies. Have you kept up? Allow us to offer a taste…

In Lighting News…

“LED Lighting Creeps Toward Tipping Point”

L Prize Winner Pegasus Lighting Roundup: Lighting in October

It’s only a matter of time before LEDs make serious headway into the retrofit market. Forbes predicts that by 2021, LEDs will make up approximately half of all retrofits in a market where they currently only make up about 5%. Read more…

Cree Announces Dim-To-Warm LED Lights

Durham, N.C.-based LED manufacturer Cree has just announced that they are adding a dim-to-warm option in their LMH2 LED module family of lamps. This is significant because although LEDs are better at dimming than fluorescents, they do not inherently change colors as they dim like an incandescent. But now incandescent lovers can enjoy the warming colors of a dimming incandescent without all the wasted energy. Read more…

“Glow-In-The-Dark Paths Could Be The Future Of Street Lighting”

 Pegasus Lighting Roundup: Lighting in October

Image via popsci.com

A park in Cambridge, England has tried out an unconventional method to lighting the paths at night: glow-in-the-dark gravel. Known as Starpath, this resurfacing material is able to absorb ultraviolet light during the day and release it at night in a bluish glow. Read more…

“This Rising Tech Star Is About To Feel Wal-Mart’s Heat”

Cree and Home Depot recently partnered to offer more affordable LED light bulbs to consumers. Nasdaq predicts that Wal-Mart will soon follow, based on a recent announcement from GE about lowering the price of their Great Value LEDs (sold at Wal-Mart). Read more…

In Lighting Tips…

“How To Light Your Bathroom Right”

contemporary bathroom Pegasus Lighting Roundup: Lighting in October

Image via houzz.com

There is an art to proper bathroom lighting, and it involves a lot more strategy than you’d think! For one, this author adamantly believes you should not light a mirror from above because it casts unsightly shadows on your face. Read more…

“Tips/Tricks To Get The Clips In Recessed Lights To Secure”

5 inch led retrofit module Pegasus Lighting Roundup: Lighting in October

If you’ve ever had issues with getting the clips in your recessed can lights to fasten correctly, check out this helpful article! The author goes into detail about some tricks he uses to get the clips to behave and work for you. Read more…

Other Cool Stuff…

“LED Baby” Costume Wins Halloween

Youtuber “VisualBurrito” uploaded this video of his 22-month old daughter in an LED stickman suit he made for her halloween costume. The video has gone viral, and resulted in the launch of a costume line inspired by the toddler’s outfit, available at ledbaby.com.

“Light From Farthest Galaxy Yet Discovered Breaks Through Cosmic Fog”

web 63556 Pegasus Lighting Roundup: Lighting in October

Image via nature.com

A newly discovered galaxy, z8_GND_5296 (who comes up with these names?), is the oldest and farthest we have seen. Scientists believe it may have been covered by a dense “cosmic fog” until recently. Read more…


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