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Step lighting can take any staircase from dangerous and dull to safe and stunning. Whether you’re lighting stairs in the foyer or the basement, up to the porch or down to the patio, step lights add that perfect finishing touch.

If you’re thinking of adding stair lighting to any set of steps in your home, you may wonder what kind will look the best. For this blog post, I’ve pulled together 8 of my favorite step lighting photos that illustrate just how many ways you can use these handy light fixtures.

In the end, I’m sure you’ll agree that these are stairs worth staring at:

1. Shrouded Brick Step Lights

LED Step Lights At Home 8 Ways To Use Step Lights (Photo Inspiration)

These warm LED lights create the perfect atmosphere for breezy summer evenings on the porch.

2. LED Step Lights With Lenses

LED Step Lights Indoors 8 Ways To Use Step Lights (Photo Inspiration)

These sleek staircase lights add a beautiful layer of light to this basement, while also acting as safety lighting.

3. Recessed Mini Step Lights

LED Step Lights 8 Ways To Use Step Lights (Photo Inspiration)

Safety meets style yet again in these round recessed step lights. They’ll create a unique focal point wherever you choose to install them.

4. Remote Controlled Path Lights

Outdoor Step Lights 8 Ways To Use Step Lights (Photo Inspiration)

While not step lights by name, these path lights provide welcoming light for the front steps.

5. LED Round Dimmable Step Lights

step lights led 2 8 Ways To Use Step Lights (Photo Inspiration)

Not only can you use these LED step lights as stair lighting, but you can recess them directly into the surface of your deck, porch, or patio for beautiful accent lighting.

6. LED Tape Lights

Tape Light Step Lights 8 Ways To Use Step Lights (Photo Inspiration)

For lighting the handrails on your stairs, you should consider LED tape lights. They’re adhesive, thin, and easy to install. Also, they don’t generate a ton of heat, so you don’t have to worry about burning your hands.

7. LED Battery Operated Deck Lights

Battery Step Lights 8 Ways To Use Step Lights (Photo Inspiration)

These battery operated deck lights with dusk-to-dawn photocells are the perfect low-maintenance choice to beautify your outdoor living areas, including outdoor steps.

8. LED Battery Operated Step Lights

LED Battery Step Lights 8 Ways To Use Step Lights (Photo Inspiration)

These affordable step lights mount virtually anywhere you need them for easy safety lighting.

For more information and inspiration, please visit our LED step lights page.


Annie JoseyAnnie was the E-Commerce Marketing Specialist at Pegasus Lighting from June 2012 to October 2013. She has a background in English literature, and loves using language to help illuminate the world. So covering lighting news and tips naturally fit her interests. In her personal time she enjoys painting, biking, and reading.

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