How To Install Recessed Puck Lights In 8 Easy Steps

Recessed puck lights are a simple, attractive light source for task lighting and accent lighting. If you’re ready to use puck lights to illuminate your cabinets or shelves, just follow these tips to create the perfect lighting scheme!

1. Pick Your Pucks.

Do you prefer plug-in, hard-wire, or battery operated lights? LED, xenon, or fluorescent? Low voltage or line voltage? What color temperature works best with your decor? You can browse our full selection of puck lights here.

2. Decide How Many Puck Lights You’ll Need. 

This will depend on how you want to use them. For even under cabinet lighting or bookshelf lighting, use one light for every 6-10 inches of space. For display lighting, position one light above every item you wish to showcase.

3. Determine How To Place Your Lights. 

For even lighting, follow the 6-10 inch rule. We recommend you install the lights closer to the front of the cabinets or shelves. This will provide the brightest illumination, especially important for task lighting. For accent lighting, the placement is more arbitrary. What makes your display look best?

4. Test Them Out.

Before you whip out the power tools, test out your placement by taping the puck lights in place. You can even turn them on to see how the final lighting scheme will appear. Make adjustments as you see fit. When you’re happy with what you see, take a pencil and trace each light.

5. Grab The Tools. 

Once traced, take down your puck lights. Double-check the dimensions of your tracings with the recommended diameter and depth from the manufacturer. (Usually the depth is about 1/2″ give or take). Then, use a hole saw to drill into the bottom of your cabinets or shelves.

6. Attach.

Permanently fasten the puck lights in their holes with mounting clips or screws.

7. Wire (If Necessary).

If your lights aren’t battery operated, they’ll plug into each other so you can operate them with one plug or light switch. For lights that require a driver or transformer, make sure the one you’re using has an appropriate wattage rating. It should be able to accommodate a wattage equal to or slightly higher than the combined total wattage of your lights. To hide the wires, you can install a valance (a matching 1-2 inch strip attached as a lip at the bottom of your cabinets), or simply staple the wires to the bottom of the cabinet. Just be careful not to damage them.

8. Enjoy!

Annie Josey

Annie Josey

Annie was the E-Commerce Marketing Specialist at Pegasus Lighting from June 2012 to October 2013. She has a background in English literature, and loves using language to help illuminate the world. So covering lighting news and tips naturally fit her interests. In her personal time she enjoys painting, biking, and reading.

  • Dave Sullivan

    How do I remove the cover from tlf fggl032 UV undercounter lights so I can replace the bulbs?

    • Chris Johnson

      Sorry…I am not familiar with those puck lights.

  • Joe Illingworth

    I to would love to know how to replace the bulbs. Have one cover that just falls off by itself, but the other, with the burnt out bulbs seem impossible to remove.

    • Deanna Alrutz

      What kind of light is it, Joe? The lamps in LED pucks tend to not be replaceable. But if both of your lights are the same, it’s weird that you can’t remove the cover the same way. Many puck light covers twist off (counter-clockwise), have you tried that?

  • Charlene Robinson

    I have removed the cover from the puck light but can’t figure out how to change the bulb?

    • Jacob Swiger


      Thanks for your question. What type of puck light do you have? Often, puck lights use bipin bulbs that require you to gently pull out of the pin socket.

  • James Gentry

    Iwas replacing one of the pin bulbs and they all went out. Do they have a reset oh them or are they fused ?

    • Jacob Swiger

      James, all of what went out? All of the puck lights in the run? All of the light bulbs in a single fixture? Are your lights line voltage or low voltage? Are they hardwired or plugin?

      The pin bulbs can be a challenge to replace. My suggestion is to make sure it’s firmly installed in the socket and also check all of the wire connections in the run to make sure they are extra tight. They may have become loose while you were changing the bulb. Some plugs have a fuse in them, so if you have a plug-in puck light kit you may have blown the fuse. I would also strongly suggest changing the light bulbs when they are not connected to power.

  • Jim

    How do I replace a blub on the TLF FGGL032 UV XENON 120V 20W. I cannot figure our how to take the cover off

    • Jacob from Pegasus Lighting

      Jim, we do not carry these puck lights and I am not familiar with them. I would suggest contacting the manufacturer or the distributor. I was not able to find installation instructions via Google search.