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What’s been on the tip of everyone’s tongue this month? One word: quality. From new standards for quality lights, to tips on using light to improve your quality of life, we’ve got you covered. Here are this month’s top stories…

In Lighting News…

Is Color Rendering Index (CRI) the most accurate measure of a light’s quality? With all the innovations happening in the lighting world right now, the Color Quality Scale (CQS) might just be a better judge. CRI measures a light’s performance rendering only 8 different colors. CQS, on the other hand, measures 15, and accounts for other factors like chromatic discrimination and human preference. Click here to learn more about CQS.

news ucdavis edu Pegasus Lighting Roundup: Lighting in February

Image via News.UCDavis.edu

In December 2012 the California Lighting Technology Center at the University of California, Davis helped encourage the California Energy Commission to include new standards of quality for LED replacement lamps in its first-in-the-nation energy-efficiency directive. Now, the center is pushing for similar LED standards on a national scale. You can learn more about this initiative here.

Many big-name retailers are beginning to outfit their stores with new LEDs. Finally this year, with LED prices on the decline, the change has begun to make economic sense. LEDs will help retailers save thousands, and add exciting new features to their shops. Click here to read more about this trend.

LightingCoUK Pegasus Lighting Roundup: Lighting in February

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We all remember that absurd blackout at the Super Bowl earlier this month, but if you never heard what actually caused the massive debacle, we’ve got some answers for you. On February 8th, Entergy New Orleans Inc. announced that a faulty electrical relay device caused the 35-minute power outage. For more details, click here.

Superbowl Blackout NY Times Pegasus Lighting Roundup: Lighting in February

Image via NYTimes.com

In Lighting Tips…

In this, the final stretch of winter, is your home feeling gloomy and depressing? Follow these 10 tips from House Beautiful to cheer things up. They offer suggestions like “choose colors that flatter you” and “create beauty by contrast.”

House Beautiful Pegasus Lighting Roundup: Lighting in February

Image via HouseBeautiful.com

To add a little vintage intrigue to your home, Apartment Therapy has published a tutorial on how to make your own striped wall sconce. All you need to achieve this stylish look is some acrylic paint and electrical tape.

AptTherapy Pegasus Lighting Roundup: Lighting in February

Image via ApartmentTherapy.com

As the eye ages, lighting becomes more important, especially in frequently occupied task areas like the kitchen. Houzz has created this guide to adapting your kitchen lighting as you age, without losing an inch of style.

Planning a renovation or home improvement project? Take the guesswork out of home improvement costs with this Cost Guide from HomeAdvisor. It offers handy estimations and resources for almost any project in any space you can think up.

Other Cool Stuff… 

If “adorable” isn’t the first word that comes to mind when you see an LED, all that will change after you take a peek at Japanese designer Yukio Takano’s LED mushrooms. These glowing, synthetic features are almost passable for the real thing.

ThisIsColossal com Pegasus Lighting Roundup: Lighting in February

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Do lighting design and clothing design have anything in common? According to Global Lighting’s Blog the answer is an emphatic YES. The good folks at Global Lighting have put together a series of posts comparing light fixtures to the styles seen at this year’s New York Fashion Week. Let me tell you, the resemblances are uncanny!

GlobalLightingBlog Com Pegasus Lighting Roundup: Lighting in February

Image via GlobalLightingBlog.com

Are any lighting updates happening in your home or business this month? Have you learned anything new about light? Who would wear that brown poncho? Any takers?


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