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Image via BreastCancerCampaign.org

They’re not playing around across the pond this year when it comes to breast cancer. The Breast Cancer Campaign partnered with the city of London earlier this month to turn some famous landmarks pink with light.

Besides Buckingham Palace, the list includes (but isn’t limited to):

The Tower of London

Image via Metro.co.uk

BT Tower

Image via Zimbio.com

Trafalgar Square

Image via Dailymail.co.uk

Going pink is certainly not just limited to the city. The Breast Cancer Campaign is encouraging other towns in the UK to go pink this month too.

Earlier in October, The Waves Leisure Centre in North Tyneside turned its pool pink.

On November 1, York will host a 5K walk around the city centre, whilst its buildings are bathed in pink light.

Reading and the Isle of Wight are also planning to turn pink later this month.

Usually we use light as a tool to go about our daily tasks, as an intangible vehicle that lets us focus on other things. It is events like these that really give it substance.

And, oh yeah, the UK isn’t the only one going pink with light this year for breast cancer awareness.

Just last week while visiting The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I found a lovely pink surprise on the iconic Old Well:

Image via DailyTarHeel.com

Have any of your local haunts or landmarks turned pink this month? Please share!


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