• Cliff

    How bright are these lights? Can you post your night time pics as well?


    • http://www.PegasusLighting.com Emily Widle

      Cliff, I will. After doing this project I discovered that my camera takes terrible night-time photos, so I’ve had trouble getting a shot that shows the light output.

      They give off a good amount of light; and the light output actually adjusts depending on how dark the room is. I knew the night light was automatic, but I assumed it would be either on or off. In fact, the night light gets progressively brighter as your room gets darker, and vice versa.

      Check back on Monday – I promise I’ll have good night time pics then :)

      • http://www.PegasusLighting.com Emily Widle

        I added a couple of night time photos. Again, it’s a little difficult to tell the exact light output, but you can see in the first one that the LEDs throw a good deal of light onto the carpet below.

        It certainly provides enough illumination to walk safely in a dark hallway with no other light source.

        Hope those photos help! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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