• Daniel Wu

    excellent article clarifying the significant difference between
    CCFL and CFL. great work – capturing the major technical difference between these two technologies in generally understandable terms.

    • http://www.PegasusLighting.com Emily Widle

      Thanks, Daniel!

  • danwat1234

    I saw from the CFL wikipedia article that CCFL bulbs are about half the energy efficiency of CFL bulbs. As in, say a 10 watt CFL bulb puts out a certain amount of lumens, then to get the same lumens from a CCFL bulb, it would take about 20 watts. Is this true? If so, CCFLs may be far from being as efficient as LED lighting.

    • http://www.PegasusLighting.com Emily Widle

      CCFLs last up to four times as long as CFLs. The typical lifetime is about 25,000 hours, which is equivalent to many LED lamps. That means you’re purchasing fewer replacement bulbs.

      I am not sure where that stat came from in the Wikipedia article – I just looked at it as well, and it says “citation needed.”

      I can tell you that we offer A19 lamp CCFLs (that’s the standard light bulb size that will screw-in to your floor or table lamp) that consume 8 watts and are comparable in light output to a 40W incandescent. A19 lamp CFLs that are comparable in light output to a 40W incandescent typically consume about 9 watts.

  • Sumeet

    Was wondering, if CCFL are equally (if not more) energy efficient than CFL and have a longer life-span, then why is it not perceived as a threat to the CFL industry and why has CCFL not really taken off? From what I gather, the manufacturing costs in CCFL are equivalent to CFL!!

    • http://www.PegasusLighting.com Emily Widle

      I think it’s safe to assume that for the most part, the CFL industry is the same as the CCFL industry. The lamps themselves are very similar, and many manufacturers that make CFLs also make CCFLs. As far as why CCFLs haven’t really taken off, I think that’s because they’re just not very well-known (to the general public, at least)!

  • Joseph B. de Leon

    Currently connected with Enchanted Kingdom Inc. (local theme park). Quite very interesting, do you have local distributors here in the Philippines?

    • http://www.PegasusLighting.com Emily Widle

      Joseph, we sell lighting exclusively on our website, http://www.PegasusLighting.com. If you’re looking for CCFLs, check here. We also offer large quantity discounts – call our customer service line at 800-392-4818 if you have any questions.

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