• Jannette

    We are converting an historic (1838) country church to a community hall and event space that will, among other things, host art exhibits. We are planning on using track lighting to illuminate the wall spaces where the art will be hung as well as stained glass windows for viewing from the outside at night. We need advice on what tracks and fixtures to buy and how best to arrange the lighting. Can you help?

    • http://www.PegasusLighting.com Emily Widle

      Hi Janette,
      Of course! I think your best bet will be to call our customer service number, though, so you can discuss how much artwork you have, how large the stained glass windows are, etc. – It’ll be easier to go through all the details of your project so we can give you a good recommendation. The number is 800-392-4818 – or you can submit a request through our Help Desk.

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