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Every year, cities across the world participate in an arts festival called Nuit Blanche.  For one night, museums, galleries, and city halls are open and free to the public.  Entire blocks are turned into performance spaces and artwork displays cover the streets.

This year, New York is hosting its first-ever Nuit Blanche event.  New York has named their Nuit Blanche event “Bring to Light,” and the event will especially celebrate “the magic and luminance of light.”

If you will be in New York this weekend, don’t miss the event!  It will take place in Greenpoint, Brooklyn between Franklin Street and the East River waterfront from 7pm-12am.

Nuit Blanche began in 1997.  Its originating city is disputed between Paris, Berlin and St. Petersburg, but it has now spread to more than 120 cities across the world.  Nuit Blanche literally means “sleepless night.”


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