Customer Lighting Project: Xenon Low Voltage Light Strip

There are so many different options for under cabinet lighting that we love to share customer photos of finished projects.  That way, anyone still shopping and comparing models can get a better idea of what each type really looks like in a kitchen.  This customer from Chicago, IL, used our Xenon Low Voltage Light Strip and placed the xenon festoon lamps 4 inches apart on center in his kitchen.  Here are the photos:

Xenon Low Voltage Light Strip used as Under Cabinet Lighting
Xenon Low Voltage Light Strip used as Under Cabinet Lighting Xenon Low Voltage Light Strip used as Under Cabinet Lighting

Customer Lighting Project: 4-Inch Low Voltage Trims with Adjustable Eyeball & Housing

The before and after photos below show how two 4-Inch Low Voltage Trims with Adjustable Eyeball and 4-Inch Low Voltage Air Tight Remodel Recessed Lighting Housings are being used as “picture lights”. They provide excellent accent lighting and highlight the vivid colors of this artwork.

4-Inch Low Voltage Recessed Lighting Trim with Adjustable Eyeball
Before: An authentic Thomas Kinkade painting is hanging over a red brick mantel with no accent lighting of any kind highlighting the finer points of this piece of art. (Note: the reflection off of the lower part of this painting was caused by the camera flash.)
4-Inch Low Voltage Trims with Adjustable Eyeball
After: The two low voltage adjustable eyeball trims (PNL-418-WW) and two 4in low voltage air tight remodel recessed lighting housings (PNLR-404QAT-50-120) in just the right location helps to reveal the nuances of this work by the “Painter of Light”.Eyeball trims were selected so that the light from the light bulbs could be directed exactly where the light is needed, white was selected so that their finish/color does not distract the viewer’s eyes from the painting, and low voltage MR16 light bulbs were selected so that the light could be precisely focused on the painting without producing much “spill light”.

The remodel recessed lighting housing was selected because the sheet rock ceiling was already in place and the air tight model was selected to avoid significant leakage of heated or air-conditioned air to or from the space above the ceiling.

Finally, the two recessed downlights were located in such a way that the central beam of light created a 30-degree angle with the vertical. This guideline for locating downlights used to light wall hangings tends to minimize any indirect glare being reflected off the painting. Notice how the accent light coming from the two newly-installed recessed downlights accentuates the light coming from the house windows in the painting.

Pegasus Associates Lighting Receives Fastest-Growing Company Honor Second Year in a Row

BEAVER FALLS, PA, August 25, 2008 — For the second consecutive year, the Pittsburgh Business Times has recognized Pegasus Associates Lighting as one of the fastest-growing companies in the Pittsburgh, PA region.  The “2008 Pittsburgh 100” honor was presented to the company at an awards ceremony and banquet at the Duquesne Club, located in downtown Pittsburgh, on Thursday, August 21, 2008.

Each year the Pittsburgh Business Times ranks the top 100 fastest-growing, privately-held companies located in the Pittsburgh area based on the previous three-year sales growth.  During the 2005 to 2007 period, Pegasus Associates Lighting realized a 55% growth in revenue and a 65% growth in employment.  To qualify for the 2008 top 100 ranking, a company must be a locally owned, for-profit business with net revenue in 2005 of $500,000 or more.

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Customer Lighting Project – Xenon Line Voltage Thin Under Cabinet Task Lights

If you’re shopping around for under cabinet lighting, check out these customer photos of our Xenon Line Voltage Thin Under Cabinet Task Lights:

“Just wanted to share with you the results of the Xenon Line Voltage Thin Under Cabinet Task Lights that I ordered from you. We absolutely love them and they’ve made a huge improvement to our kitchen. I was worried that the light would be a bright, unwelcoming color, but they put off a beautiful, warm glow. We placed them towards the front of the cabinet for task lighting and I’m very happy with that choice as well.”

Photos provided by Chloe & Company

Xenon Line Voltage Thin Under Cabinet Task Lights

Xenon Line Voltage Thin Under Cabinet Task Lights

Lighting Tips for Home Gyms

Light = Energy
Poorly lit home gyms tend to lack energy whereas a bright space with a generous amount of light is generally more inviting for exercise and can be crucial to creating just the right environment for a vigorous or energetic workout.

Natural Light is Best
Natural light coming from plenty of windows and skylights is the best source of light for a home gym. If the natural light in your home gym is only minimal or non-existent, try using good fluorescent lighting that emulates sunlight. This means that the fluorescent light bulbs should have a high color temperature of 5000K-5500K and very good color rendering of 82 or higher.
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Customer Lighting Project: Xenon Line Voltage Thin Under Cabinet Task Lights

Kitchen remodel – copper & walnut counter tops (yes, copper!), cream cabinets, a new refrigerator, oven, sink, and Xenon Line Voltage Thin Under Cabinet Lights. These xenon light fixtures are extremely low-profile (less than 1 inch thick) and give off a bright warm white light. Xenon is always a great option for under cabinet lighting because it’s dimmable, lasts longer than halogen, and doesn’t give off as much heat as halogen.

Photos courtesy of Kip Penniman

Xenon line voltage under cabinet lights used in kitchen remodel.
We have 4 sizes of dimmable xenon line voltage hardwire thin under cabinet task lights in 3 attractive finishes.
Xenon Line Voltage Thin Under Cabinet Task Lights
The completed kitchen.

Xenon Line Voltage Thin Under Cabinet Task Lights
These xenon under cabinet lights bring out the warmth of the copper counter top crafted by our very skillful customer.