Jul 062009

ApplicationFixedMount220 Tips for Choosing a Barbecue LightWhen the weather gets warmer people start heading outdoors to fire up their grills for that annual holiday cookout or an evening meal.  Even though summer gives us longer days, there are still those times when you may be grilling well into dusk or evening.  Or, depending upon your geographical location, you may be able to enjoy year-round grilling which probably means you have cooked outside often after the sun has set.  When that happens, having a barbecue light to provide quality task lighting for your cooking area proves quite invaluable.  Below are some features to think about so that you can make sure to get the most appropriate barbecue light for your outdoor grilling situation.


If you have an electrical outlet near your grill, you have the most options.  An obvious choice is a plug-in barbecue light that plugs directly into the nearby electrical outlet.  You could also select a hardwired barbecue light that is connected directly to the electrical wiring powering your outlet.  This is also a choice if you have household wiring in close proximity but not a nearby outlet.  If you select a hardwired barbecue light, we always recommend that you have it installed by a licensed electrician.  If you do not have an outlet or electrical power near your grill, then an obvious and easy choice is a battery-powered barbecue light.

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Jul 032009

Hello and welcome to our new blog.  The Pegasus Lighting Blog went live the morning of Friday, July 3, 2009.  We are currently working on our first couple of blog posts, so if you have found us already, sorry that there is not much here yet.  But, bookmark us, click on our RSS feed, follow us on Twitter (@PegasusLighting), or become a fan on our Facebook page, to know when our first posts are published.  Thanks!

Jul 012009

Rope lighting is perfect for lining the top of a cove ceiling , and you can use either warm white or cool white LED rope light to create the desired effect.  Rob Q. used our Cool White LED Rope Lights for the cove around the top of his living room.  Check out the “after” photos:

CoveLightingLEDCoolWhiteRopeLight 2 Customer Lighting Project: Cool White LED Rope Lights
“Thanks for processing my order. I thought you might like to see how I used my previous order of LED rope lights. I built a cove light in my living room to conceal surround-sound speaker wires and placed the rope lights in the cove. They provide a beautiful, cool glow to our home and make the vaulted ceiling seem even higher. The indirect light is perfect for watching TV and one can even read by the light. I’m planning to add this new order above the kitchen cabinets and along the top of a beam which separates the living room and kitchen.”
CoveLightingLEDCoolWhiteRopeLight 1 Customer Lighting Project: Cool White LED Rope Lights
Jul 012009

Take a closer look at the purple cubes the mannequins are standing on in this DKNY window display.  Inside each cube are four 16-watt T4 grounded microfluorescent fixtures.  Chad Oliver of Donna Karen NY sent us these photos.  He set up the fixtures to stand upright and then connected them with 6 inch flexible connectors.  Beautiful!

DNKY2 400 Customer Lighting Project: Microfluorescent T4 Grounded Light Fixtures
DNKY1 400 Customer Lighting Project: Microfluorescent T4 Grounded Light Fixtures
Jul 012009

Each year, motorcycle enthusiasts gather at the Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground in Sturgis, SD, and one of the central attractions is the Motorcycles as Art exhibit.  World-famous motorcycle photographer Michael Lichter puts the exhibit together.  It captures the personal expression, creativity and spirit that permeate the history and culture of motorcycling.  Shown in the photos are our PAR Halogen Telescoping Display Lights (Model #PDL-188)  being used as gallery lighting at the exhibit.

Buffalo Chip main room Customer Lighting Project: PAR Halogen Telescoping Display Lights
Buffalo Chip display lights1 Customer Lighting Project: PAR Halogen Telescoping Display Lights
Buffalo Chip display lights2 Customer Lighting Project: PAR Halogen Telescoping Display Lights

Photos provided by The Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground in Sturgis, SD

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