Jul 012009

Kitchen remodel – copper & walnut counter tops (yes, copper!), cream cabinets, a new refrigerator, oven, sink, and Xenon Line Voltage Thin Under Cabinet Lights. These xenon light fixtures are extremely low-profile (less than 1 inch thick) and give off a bright warm white light. Xenon is always a great option for under cabinet lighting because it’s dimmable, lasts longer than halogen, and doesn’t give off as much heat as halogen.

Photos courtesy of Kip Penniman

Xenon line voltage under cabinet lights used in kitchen remodel.

We have 4 sizes of dimmable xenon line voltage hardwire thin under cabinet task lights in 3 attractive finishes.

Xenon Line Voltage Thin Under Cabinet Task Lights

The completed kitchen.

Xenon Line Voltage Thin Under Cabinet Task Lights

These xenon under cabinet lights bring out the warmth of the copper counter top crafted by our very skillful customer.


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